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Amazing Butterflies!

This week we are going to be thinking about our friends.  What makes a good friend?  How can we help other people to feel happy? We will be thinking about sharing our toys and taking turns.  We will be watching a video about being friends:-   

We will be talking about how the children are happier when they play with their friends. 

We will be carrying on with our story of the Little Red Hen.  Were the other animals kind to her?  Do you think that they should have helped her?  Should she have shared her bread?

You can watch a version of the story here:- 

After it has finished, can your child tell you their own version of the story?  

Look at the picture below.  The small details are all hidden in the larger picture.  Can you find them?

As part of our work on sharing, we will be thinking about how we can share our snack fairly. Is it fair for one child to have 2 bananas and another child to have none? How could we make it fair?

This computer game, asks the children to give a teddy bear the right number of cakes. Teddy Counting Game

Can you draw a picture of one of your friends?  What do you like doing with your friends?

If you are staying at home this week, then have a good time and keep in touch by using Dojo!

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