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Friday 10th July 2020

Good Morning Butterflies, it is Friday! Yesterday your friends made their slippers and had great fun decorating them. Have you made yours yet? We hope you all have had a good week and we miss you. 

Experiments with different ways of moving.

Melody and the Elves and the Shoemaker

  Melody listens to pieces of music and makes up stories to match the mood of the music.  Use your ears to listen to the music, while you watch and listen to the story.

It’s time to use your eyes to help you find the objects at the bottom of the page in the bigger picture. Not only do you need to find them but try and describe where they are; eg: the shoes are on the middle shelf.


Draw around your feet or paint your feet to make footprints.  Cut them out and make a trail.  Can your family follow them?  If you use just one, they have to hop.  If you put two together then they have too jump. Make sure that you try it out first!

We finish with a song all about the excitement of getting:

New Shoes

Welcome Back!