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Friday 1st May

 Good Morning!  I can't believe it's May already!  

It's been fantastic to hear about everything that you have been getting up to.  It was very exciting to talk to you and your families and thank you to IIsla and LJ for singing to me , to Avo for reading to me and to Zidan for telling me all about his new toys.

'll be putting  up some photos  each week  so you can all see how busy your friends have been.  Don't forget to send your photos to for your chance to appear here next week!

We're finishing our bird week with the traditional tale:

The Ugly Duckling LE5MZB5pedUMQRHw2etfKDkufdGKDiPsU&index=35

How does the Ugly Duckling feel when all the other animals tell him to go away?

How does he feel at the end of the story?

There is also a song about the Ugly Duckling which I remember listening to when I was a little girl and it is one of my favourites, even now!

The Ugly Duckling:

Why not try and have a bird watching picnic today - indoor or outdoor.  The pictures below might give you an idea but why not come up with your own bird  themed snacks?

On Purple Mash you can  colour in your own bird or look complete a bird puzzle.

Have a lovely weekend!

Stay  healthy and stay safe!

Miss Cavanagh

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