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Friday 3rd July 2020

It's FRIDAY!!! We hope you have had a great week completing your work. Yesterday we made playdoh with your friends in school, we hope you enjoyed making it too. Don't forget to send your work into school to as we love seeing what you are doing. 

Estimates how many objects they can see and checks by counting them.

The 10 Little Pigs

This is a very funny story based on The Three Little Pigs but there is a twist at the end!  Count along with story teller.

Older children:

Find a container and some small objects.  Can you estimate how many objects you can get inside?  Now put them inside.  Were you close?

Estimating Picture

Look at the picture of the farm animals.  Without counting, can you guess how many of each animal there are.  Then you can count them and see if you were right.  Colour the animals to help you see the groups of each animal.

Pig Watering Can

This is made from a milk carton.  You can have fun making a pig and if you have a grown up who can make two holes in the lid for the pig’s snout, then you can fill it with water and use it to water the garden!

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