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Monday 13th July

I can't believe that it's the last week of the summer term!  It is definitely a different ending to this school year but I hope that you can all join with us to have a Teddy Bear's Picnic on Wednesday 15th at 10.30 am.   We will be holding one for the children who are in school and would love you to do the same in your homes and gardens.  Even though we can't be together, it will be nice to know that we will all be doing the same activity at the same time.    

This week will also be about looking back at our favourite memories of being in Butterfly Class and looking forward to what will be happening next.

This week we are going to listen again to the stories that we have learnt during our time in Butterflies.

Today we start with:


You all joined in very well with this story and learnt about goodies - Superworm and baddies - the crow and Wizard Lizard.  I  also remember us having lots of fun searching for worms and that some of you were even brave enough to hold them!  We also made our own Super worms by using different construction toys.

Some of us even became Super Heroes!

Today I want you to think about the activities that you have done with your family over lockdown. Did Mummy or Daddy take any photos on their phones?

Why don't you draw a picture of your favourite activity and then send it in to me at:


So now it's time to start getting ready for our Teddy Bears' Picnic!  First lets make our own Teddy Bear head bands, so that we can all be teddy bears.

​Ask your family if you can have a Teddy Bear's Picnic on Wednesday.  If you can, why don't you make a list of what you will need.  

How about making some teddy bear cakes?

Finally, here is a Teddy Bear song which we can learn and then sing all together at the picnic.

My Teddy Bear

Have a fantastic day!

Miss Cavanagh

Welcome Back!