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Thursday 16th July 2020

Good Morning Butterflies, we hope you had a great teddy bear picnic like we did. We went into the hall because it started raining and Poppy class and Tulip class joined us. Have a look at our gallery below of our teddy bear picnic.   We made the cakes ourselves and we also ate teddy bear sandwiches and teddy bear crisps.

Some of you started in Butterfly Class last year and this was the story we learnt then.  It’s one of my favourites so I think I’ve read it to you all.

Owl Babies

I remember you all joining in with Bill, saying:

“I want my Mummy!”

Find the My Favourite Memories sheet.

Talk to your family about your memories of being in Butterfly Class.  Get your family to help you write them down or draw pictures of what you can remember.

I am good at:

What can you do really well?  What do you enjoy playing with most?

Enjoy that activity.

In school we are going to have fun with a water fight, if it’s a sunny day.  Perhaps you can do the same!

Welcome Back!