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Thursday 2nd April

​Hello Butterflies!  Thank you all for your hard work and keep sending in photos of your work to .  Big thanks to Zente and Katie for their photos.

Today's story is  Max visits the dentist

Have you been to the dentist?  It's important that you look after your teeth and brush them in the morning and before you go to bed.  You should always brush your teeth for 2 minutes.  Can you help Duggee earn the tooth brushing badge?

Look in the mirror at your teeth.  You have different types of teeth - the teeth at the front with a straight edge are called incisors and the teeth that look more like triangles are canine teeth.  The teeth at the back are called molars.  Use your tongue to feel those different kind of teeth.

Here's a song to help you remember how to brush your teeth and make sure that you clean all of those types of teeth.  Brush your teeth

It's also important to eat food that is good for your teeth and to drink lots of milk.  Can you collect some different food from around your house?  Sort them into food that is healthy, like fruit, vegetables, yoghurt and unhealthy foods,  like sweets, cakes and biscuits.  

Stay safe and keep healthy!

Miss Cavanagh

Welcome Back!