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Thursday 2nd July 2020

Good morning Butterflies, yesterday we did dough disco again to start the day and then we listened to A squash and a squeeze song. Some of your friends completed their dot to dot pictures then coloured them in. We also filled some balloons with different things and they tried to guess what was in them. Hope you all are having as much fun at home as we are here.

Recite number names in order.   

Says the number that is one more than a given number.

‚ÄčA New House for Mouse 

Mouse is looking for a bigger house, which is big enough for her and the big apple she has found.Will she find anywhere?While she searches, she eats the apple.At the end of the story, she finds that she can fit inside her own little house!

 Spring Time Dot-to-Dot

When you complete the dot to dot, you need to draw lines between the numbers in order. When you have finished, look to see what the finished picture is.

Squash and Squeeze Slime This is very simple 2 ingredient slime

Use a very basic measure of 2 parts corn flour to one part shampoo. Use your fingers to explore how it feels. Can you describe it?

Welcome Back!