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Thursday 30th April

​Hello Butterflies!  It has been fantastic to talk to some of you yesterday and I'm ,looking forward to catching up with some of you today.  It's hard not being able to see friends and family at the moment and we are all missing hugs, so today's story is called: 

Bird Hugs

Bird can't fly like his friends can do but he finds that he has his own way of making people feel better and then his friends find a way of helping him!

Today's activity is a way to make your own flying bird!

There are some brilliant ideas on the RSPB website, including this game.

  Hungry Birds

You have to feed the baby birds and make sure that you give them the right food; they do not want a lollipop!

Finally today, I'm giving you a day off from singing and we are going to listen to the birds sing instead.  They all have different songs, so have a listen and then perhaps the next time you hear a bird singing, try and workout which bird it might be.

Bird Song Video

Have a good day!

Miss Cavanagh

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