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Thursday 25th June 2020

Good Morning Butterflies, we hope you are all well and we miss seeing you all. Yesterday some of your friends went to the woods again to explore, maybe you can explore in your house or garden. 

Today will be all about listening to sounds.

Today’s story will get your toes tapping.

It’s Farmer Joe and his Music Show:

Farmer Joe cheered up all the animals with his music.  Today we will be thinking about sounds. 

Now it’s time to use your ears to listen carefully.

What do you hear?

Listening Game

Rhyming Words

Find the rhyming words sheet.  Listen to the end sounds in each word.  Can you match the words that rhyme? Draw a line between the rhyming words.

Older children: One of the rhyming pairs is car and star.  Can you think of other words that rhyme with these; eg: jar.

Use shapes to create these animal pictures.  What shapes have you used?  How many of each shape have you used?

Welcome Back!