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Tuesday 14th July 2020

​Good morning Butterfly class, we hope you are getting ready for your teddy bear picnic on Wednesday like us. We will be making cakes today ready for Wednesday, don't forget to show us your cakes and photos of your picnic too.

Another favourite is this fishy tale. 

Hooray for Fish

We played lots of games about fish and I remember us all giggling about the “upside down” fish.

Find the All ABout Me sheet.

In September, most of you will be going on to another class or another school.

Some of you will be going to Tulip Class with Mrs Allen and Mrs Patterson.

Some of you will be going to Poppy Class with Mrs Stanniforth, Mrs Cogdale and Miss Tyson.

Some of you are going to Tennyson Road Primary School.

Some of you will be coming back to Butterfly Class with Miss Cavanagh, Miss Thompson and Mrs Bridgestock.

Fill in this sheet to help your new teachers find out more about you.

Teddy Bears Pizzas

Welcome Back!