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Tuesday 30th June 2020

Good morning Butterfly class, we hope you enjoy  the book 'A squash and a squeeze'. Yesterday some of your friends at school listened to the story too and thought it was funny that the old lady had all the animals in the house. Do you think that was a good idea?


 To show an awareness of rhyme.

Today we are going to watch a Squash and a Squeeze with signs.

Today we are going to listen to our story again.  Can you join in with the repeated phrase – “My house is a squash and a squeeze!”


Look at your story sheet.  Can you find the different characters in the pictures?

Can you use the sheet to find the matching pairs? 

Here are some:

·         self and shelf

·         please and squeeze

·         rug and jug

·         egg and leg

Rhyme Sheet

A Squash and a Squeeze is written in rhyme.  Can you cut out the pictures and match together the words that rhyme? 

Older children:-

Can you think of any other words that rhyme with;

·         egg

·         leg


Squash and Squeeze Balloons

Fill some balloons with different materials, (using a funnel), such as

·         water

·         rice

·         pasta

·         oats

·         Rice Krispies

·         raisins

·         flour

·         Golden syrup

You can even put a

Can the children give them a squash and a squeeze to guess what is inside?  You can even put face on them!

Welcome Back!