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Tuesday 9th June

Hi Butterflies!  

I am hoping to give some of you a ring tomorrow, so I look forward to speaking to you.   Today's animal story is all about a little monkey who has lost his Mum.

Monkey Puzzle:

Our computer game is also about helping to match animal babies to their parents.

Baby Animals

Now it's time for us to travel to the jungles of Brazil and see which animals we can find living there:

In the Jungles of Brazil

The first animal that was found, in the song, was a snake and now it's time to make your own.

You need to cut a strip of paper and stick the two ends together so that you make a circle.   Now take another strip and loop it through the first circle before sticking it.  Keep going, add eyes and a tongue and you will make a snake.

Have a super day!

Miss Cavanagh

Welcome Back!