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Wednesday 1st July 2020

It's July!!!!! Good morning butterflies can you believe it's July already?  Today your friends in school did some dough disco to music and then we listened to A squash and a squeeze and acted it out. Can you tell the story to your grown up? 

Knows some of the things that make them unique, and can talk about some of the similarities and differences in relation to their family.


A Squash and a Squeeze song

As you listen to the song, can you work out how many characters are in the house? Start with just one; the old woman and then work out how many there will be with one more each time.

How many animals are in the house by the end of the story?

Use the story sheet – can you tell your family the story by using the pictures?

Who lives in my house?

Earlier we counted how many characters were in the old woman’s house.  Now can you work out how many people live in your house? 

Draw a picture of the people who live with you.  Have you got any pets?  Ask a grown up to write everyone’s names on the picture too.  Who is the tallest member of your family?

Who is the youngest?

Squash and Squeeze Play Dough


·         1 cup of flour

·         ½ cup of warm water

·         ¼ cup of salt

·         A few drops of food colouring

Develop your finger muscles by squashing, squeezing, rolling and stretching your dough

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