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Wednesday 3rd June

Good Morning! 

It's Giraffe Day!  Giraffes are the tallest animals in the world.  They have long legs and very long necks, which means that they can eat leaves from the tallest trees.  Having long legs does not make it easy for them to dance though and that is what poor Gerald wants to do.

Giraffes Can't Dance:

Today we are going to do some more yoga, using the song that we know:

Walking through the  Jungle Yoga 

Now if you want to draw a giraffe, there is a great way to do it.  Tuck your thumb in  and draw around your hand and arm.  Add eyes, spots, a nose and a mouth.  Then you can either paint or colour it in and you'll have your own giraffe picture like the one below.

You need to switch on your listening ears for today's game.  Listen to the description of the animal and then click on that animal.​ 

Animal Jungle Game – description game

Have a good day!

Miss Cavanagh

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