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Welcome Back!

I am so excited to be able to welcome you all back to Butterflies  this week.  Children who are returning are due to come back on Wednesday 2nd September.  Miss Thompson, Mrs Bridgestock and I are delighted that we will get to see you all again.  

Don't forget that Butterfly Class is now in the Family Room Hut.  We have worked hard to set up the room using the furniture and resources from our original classroom, so it will all look very familiar. 

We have our own outdoor area and the room we have is bigger than our previous classroom.   You will be able to play with your friends from our class and from Monday 7th September, we will be welcoming some new children who will be coming to join us.  We have got lots of exciting activities planned and we will be learning about how to keep safe.  We will be washing our hands and our toys a lot!

When you come back to school, we are going to ask your parents to wear a mask when they drop you off.  There is a one-way system and don't forget to look for the yellow arrows to help you find your way.  Parents will not be allowed into the classrooms, so you will hand your children over at the bottom of the ramp.

Arrival and departure times will be staggered by surnames, to allow children from the same families to arrive at the same time.    We will be open on a Friday afternoon to allow children to access their 15 and 30 hour sessions.  

Morning children will finish at 11.45 am and we will ask you to wait at the KS2 gate, where your children will be brought to you. In the afternoon, children will need to arrive at 12.30 pm and again we ask you to wait at the KS2 gate where children will be collected.

Please keep an eye out for emails with further information.

We're looking forward to seeing you very soon! 

Amazing Butterflies!