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 We are continuing to focus on Phase 5 sounds in our phonics lessons which includes lots of segmenting/blending of sounds  to help support the children's reading development. It is SO vitally important to support your child at home by reading with them regularly at home to enable them to practice their reading skills.

All of the phonics website links below are very good at providing phonetic activities that your child will have fun playing as well as learning new sounds, tricky words and reading sentences. The game listed below focuses on consonant clusters which is when two consonants sit next to each other in a word. e.g. dr / pl/ str/ cl and this will help the children to recognise these phonics patterns in words.

Even if you only manage to play one of these games twice a week it will make a real difference to your child's phonics knowledge. Thank you for your support and have fun with PHONICS!! Log in details jan 21 home

This game focuses on consonant clusters