Hello and welcome to Year 1!
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 Hello to our new ladybirds and Robins!  All the staff in year 1 are so excited to have children back in the classrooms.

PE is on Tuesdays and Thursdays  Children must have a full PE kit in school including plimsolls and trainers.  No earrings can be worn on PE days and long hair must be tied up.

From the year 1 team.


Year 1 Spellings

all is  here  friend  of  do 
 called  his  there  school  off looked 
 be  has  where  to  house  when
 he  have  love  into  our  they
 me  go  come  today  said  their
 she  no  some  full  says  what
 we  so  one  put  Mr  people
 the  I  once  pull  Mrs  children
 was  by  ask  push  could
 are  my  asked  should
 were  you  would
 her  your




This week in Year 1 we have been focusing on the vowel digraphs ai, ee, oa and oo. We having been playing lots of blending and segmenting activit...
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‚ÄčIn English, year 1 are learning the text called the Train Ride. This book is journey story about all the different things that can be seen on a train...
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We have been learning all about our senses

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Our Picnic

Last week we were very busy in Year 1 learning all about healthy and unhealthy food in our DT lessons. We got the chance to taste lots of differe...
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Welcome to Year 1

Dear Parents/Guardians We hope that you are all well after the extended break from school and we are sure that the children will have a very exciting ...
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