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Monday 13th July 2020

Good morning year 3!

We hope you've all had a lovely weekend. We hope you tried out some of the activities that we suggested for the weekend! We will be posting the answers to the cross word soon!


Today, you are going to complete a book review.

Online option: Using the 2do task that we have set on Purple Mash, complete a book review based on one of the books you have read this term.

Offline option: Using the sentences below, write a book review about a book you have read this year. Send in a photo to


What is the book about?

Who are the main characters? / What information do you find out?

Was it a good book? Why?


Here is your spelling lesson for today! Download the file to see the lesson slides. 

File Name: spelling-lesson-_20200713-074134_1
File Size: 302 kb
Download File

When you complete the activities, you can either send photos of your work to or comment on the year 3 blog.


We will be setting new books for you on Rapid Readers/Read theory today for this week so please make sure you aim to read one book a day and complete the related activities.


This week, you will be using skills you have learnt throughout the year to solve different maths investigations.

In this lesson, you will recap what you know about Venn diagrams.

Remember that a Venn diagram can be used to sort different things such as numbers, shapes and objects. The middle section (where the two circles overlap) is for the things that have properties in common.

File Name: Monday-Venn-diagram-slides
File Size: 794 kb
Download File

Online option:

Activity 1 – Go through the Venn diagrams lesson slides shown above. You need to download the file to see the slides.

Activity 2 – Complete the 'Venn diagrams 2' 2do task that we have set for you on Purple Mash. Answer the questions carefully using the given Venn diagram.

Activity 3 – Have a go at the Venn diagrams nrich investigation using this link: You can then comment on the year 3 blog with your answers.

Offline option:

Activity 1 – Go through the Venn diagrams lesson slides shown above. You need to download the file to see the slides.

Activity 2 – Have a go at the Venn diagrams nrich investigations shown below. You need to download the files to see the investigations. You can print out the sheets if you want to or just write the answers on paper at home and send a photo of them to

File Name: Monday-offline-option-1
File Size: 46 kb
Download File
File Name: Monday-offline-option-2
File Size: 46 kb
Download File


In today's lesson, you will be exploring the deeper meanings of religious festivals.

Go through the slides below looking at different religious festivals. You can also research other religious festivals.

Then, answer the questions shown below. There is no right or wrong with your answers. Please remember to be respectful and sensible with your responses.

-Eid – Does fasting make you a better person?

-Diwali – Does light conquer darkness?

-Easter – Is love stronger than death?

-Vaisakhi – Is it important to commit your life to your religion?

-Pesach – Can God free people from slavery?

Online option: On Purple Mash, answer the questions on the 'Monday RE' blog.

Offline option: Answer the questions on paper and send a photo to

Alternative option: If you do not take part in RE lessons, you can create a poster showing what you are proud of instead. Draw pictures and write about achievements you are proud of. You can share this on the Year 3 blog or send in a photo to

 We hope you enjoy your tasks for today. Remember to try and follow the suggested daily timetable to keep your mind and body healthy. Have a good day!

Miss Rabheru, Miss Massarotto and Mrs Kistruck

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