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Weekly overview for week beginning 13th July 2020

As it is the last week of the summer term, we have a mixture of lots of fun activities planned for you this week!


This week in English, there is going to be a range of different activities. We have completed all the English units for the year so this is an opportunity to use those skills.

Monday: Book review

Tuesday: Letter to your teacher

Wednesday: Recipe instructions

Thursday: Superhero profile

Friday: Superhero story


This week in maths, we will be focusing on using what you have learnt this year to solve a variety of investigations. You will recap what you know about Venn and Carroll diagrams, shapes and addition and subtraction.

Monday- Venn diagrams
Tuesday- Carroll diagrams

Wednesday- Shape

Thursday- Subtraction

Friday- Addition


This week in topic, we will be completing 3 Religious Education lessons and 2 PSHE lessons. For those children who do not participate in RE lessons, there will be an alternative option provided for those days. The focus for the RE lessons is to look at the deeper meaning of festivals. You will learn about a few religious festivals as well as contemporary festivals. On Wednesday, you will be creating a poster on one of the festivals you have learnt about. For PSHE, you will be looking at dreams and goals.

Monday: Exploring the deeper meanings of religious festivals

Tuesday: Contemporary celebrations in the UK

Wednesday:Poster on the deeper meaning of festivals

Thursday: PSHE: Dreams and Goals

Friday: PSHE: Dreams and Goals letter to self


Each week, we focus on a set of key words for spellings. We will be providing three spelling lessons each week that focus on the key words and spelling rules shown below. The spelling lessons will be shown on the daily update. There will also be a daily spelling challenge so look out for these on the school website!

The week's key words:






This week's spelling rule:


Here are some examples of homophones:






To practice your spellings, you can use the look, say, cover, write, check method, create pyramids, put the words into sentences or create your own dictionary for the words.

Year 3 Letter