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Check your answers! - 20/5/21

How do you feel you got on today?

Let's take a look at the answers...

Today's riddle:

Which 3 letters can frighten a thief away?


I C U!

There were a lot of really close calls today - I think this was our trickiest riddle to date!

Maths Mystery:

Here are the answers for today's maths mystery. The super snack was 'fabulous fish fingers' . Well done to everyone who managed to work out the answer! 

Well done to everyone who sent in their 3 learned facts from Newsround today - a special shout-out goes to Victoria for her presentation and detail!

4 day down, 1 more to go. See you back here tomorrow =) 

Good morning! - 21/5/21
Good morning! - 20/5/21