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Thursday 14th January

 Good morning team! How are we all this morning? Hopefully well and keen to get going on another day! :D 

There is another HAPPY BIRTHDAY to say today - this time to MISS JONES! Be sure to send your birthday wishes to her on the blog. 

Remember to upload all your work to your portfolio on Class Dojo! Mrs Adams will be looking for her star home learner and she'll want to see your work! :)

Here is today's timetable:


​Here are today's English slides. There is no question book work today so read through the slides and do the work in your purple book. 

​Class story

​Here is the next part of Kensuke's Kingdom: enjoy hearing about Michael investigating the island. What do you think he'll find??? 

Kensuke's Kingdom - Part-7-KK.m4a


Today's spelling lesson is the Kahoot quiz. Have fun! Who will be victorious!?


​Just like on previous days, watch the video and then try the challenge. We are not working in the question books today; there is a challenge on the slides at the end for you to try in your yellow book.


Mrs Fromo has recorded herself teaching a music lesson but we are still working out how we can share  it with you so check back later for that :)


Here is today's art lesson. Read through the slides and then do the drawing on a plain page in your topic book. 

 Have a terrific day and look forward to chatting with you all on the blog and seeing your work in your portfolio on Class Dojo.

Thursday afternoon
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