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Thursday 7th January

Hi Year 6!

The adults have been really impressed with how you have been completing the tasks and the turnout on the Purple Mash blog was phenomenal - keep it up!

This is a gentle reminder that you need to share your work on Class Dojo so that your teacher's can see how you are getting on. Please do so if you have not already.

Miss Betts is still in school today. Crimson, please continue to send a message on the blog or to Mrs Dominowska on Class Dojo with any queries.  However, do continue to send your work to Miss Betts. You might receive your reply after 3:30 but she will reply.

Today's schedule is as follows: 

Your schedule is very similar to yesterday. Please read each task carefully! Your tasks are written in the same order as the schedule.

Purple Mash blog: Magenta are 1 point ahead in daily challenge at the moment. Will they hold their lead today?

Class story: 

We hope you enjoyed the start of Kensuke's Kingdom yesterday! Listen here to the next part of the class story. I also explain the English task here so make sure you listen for that as you'll need it to be able to do the lesson.

Michael Morpurgo - Kensuke's Kingdom part 2

Spellings: There is no work in your purple books today but be as creative as possible when learning your words. 

English: Some of you have shared how much you have been enjoying the class story in the blog. This lesson has been planned around the story!


Newsround: Check out what is going on in the world today -

Topic (RE): Follow the slides to complete the learning before you attempt the task on Purple Mash!

Read Theory: Please complete 5 quizzes.

Sporcle multiplication: Can you beat your score?

Purple Mash blog: Don't forget to say goodbye :) 

Good afternoon!
Good afternoon!