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Wednesday 13th January

 Good morning, Year 6! Welcome to wonderful Wednesday! What a fun day we have ahead :D

Firstly, we have to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to someone in Magenta! Head over to the blog to find out who it is!!! 

Well done for uploading your work to your portfolio yesterday. I think Mrs Adams is going to have a really tough time choosing the home learner of the week!

Here is our timetable for today


Here is the link to Joe Wicks' PE lesson. Have fun! 


The Body Coach TV - YouTube

Welcome to the Body Coach TV where I post weekly home workouts to help you get, stronger, healthier and happier.


 Excitingly, today we are learning about something completely new: colons! (Did you see what I did there hehehe.) Have fun! We know lots of you will will enjoy using these in your writing.


​Here is today's spelling lesson.


​Just as we've been doing for the past few days, watch the video of the lesson and then try the challenge. Make sure you listen carefully for what page to do. The slides from the video are underneath if you want to look at them again.

Looking forward to seeing your work on your portfolio on Class Dojo! 

 ​Class story

​Listen today to the start of chapter 4. What will happen to Michael as he had just fallen from the Peggy Sue!!!

Kensuke's Kingdom - Chapter 4 part 1


​Our last lesson for today is art! YAY! Go through the slides and then try the activity in your topic book.

Looking forward to seeing your work on your portfolio!

Have a wonderful day! Look forward to chatting on the blog! :D 

Home learning Hall of Fame!
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