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Wednesday 7th July

 Good morning year 6! Welcome back to home learning! We will be learning from home today, Thursday, Friday and Monday and then we are back to school on Tuesday for our Knebworth House trip. 

Please look here for the lessons and then take photos of your work and upload them to your portfolio on Class Dojo. Please do your work in your book and keep your presentation neat like you do at school. 

Here is today's timetable:


Log in to Read Theory to complete your 5 quizzes.


Log in | ReadTheory

Log in to access free reading comprehension and writing exercises sure to improve your critical thinking skills.


Look through the slides and then write the next part of your story.


Watch the video and then try the challenge. The slides are below the video if you need to look through them. The answers will be uploaded at 1pm. Please remember to upload your work to your portfolio on Class Dojo.


​Here is today's science lesson. We are looking forward to seeing your labelled pictures in Class Dojo! If you were off and didn't get a sheet, you can draw the animals.

Here is a copy of the information sheet if you need it.  

Good afternoon
Check your answers! - 21/5/21