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What we've been up to!

​We have had such a fun first 2 weeks back at school together. The children have all come back ready to learn and have really enjoyed spending time with their friends and learning again. 

In maths, we created some spirals and then have moved on to looking at different graphs this week. 

We continued with our science learning of looking at the human body. We learnt about the heart and the different parts it has. We also learnt about the blood and even made some of our own! We also learnt what our heart rate is and how to measure it!

In English this week we have been learning to write myths. Here we are playing Top Trumps with mythical creatures! 

We have also thought about what our class mottos should be and created them for our classrooms. Here is Magenta's. Crimson's will be done next week :) 

What we've been up to
Friday afternoon