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Happy Holidays!

Good morning!

It's officially the Easter holidays! How eggciting!

We have decided to create a bank of activities which you can access over the holidays to keep you busy. Of course we will still check the blog so make sure you tell us all the exciting things you get up to. Throughout the week we might add on activities so keep checking the website. MOST IMPORTANTLY keep up to date with your reading, practice your number card and spellings.

Remember to start your day with some yoga;

Morning yoga

Frozen yoga

Spider power yoga

Maths- remember to add all your solutions onto our year 1 Easter maths blog.

  • If you haven't already done so, finish of your My Maths work.
  • You can practice your number bond card.
  • Play this jungle maths game
  • Are you up for a challenge? Well then go visit topmarks 'hit the button' game. You can practice your times tables, doubles, halves and number bonds. Here is the link Remember to challenge yourselves!
  • Remember that you can keep playing on Times Table Rock Stars! Here is the link:
  • Check out Number Fun Live. An exciting weekly mathematics session which starts at 10:00 am sharp! [The next one is 06/04/20]
  • Eightness of eight! open this link and you would need to watch a video, then think about what you see. After this,play it again. You could pause it while you're watching, if you like. Describe what you notice.Each time the counters are moved, what is the same? What is different?
    Imagine you are making a similar video but with twelve counters.
    What would it look like?
    We would love to see your ideas - you could make a video, or you could take photos, or you could draw pictures, or...
  • Nim- 7 for this game you will need an adult or a family member as it is a game for 2! You will also need seven objects, such as counters or blocks.

    Place the 7 objects/counters in a pile and starting with the adult, take turns to take away either one or two counters.
    The person who takes the last counter wins.
    Swap who goes first, and keep playing until you work out a winning strategy.

    Does it matter who has the first turn?
    What happens when there are three counters left?
    How can you win at this game?
    What happens when you start the game with more counters?
  • I am going to count on from 20. Will I say the number 19? Convince me.
  • I am going to count on in twos from 3. Will I say an even number? Convince me.
  • I am going to count backwards from 20. How many steps will it take to reach 0? Convince me.
  • I'm thinking of a number. I've subtracted 5 and the answer is 7. What number was I thinking of? Explain how you know.
  • I'm thinking of a number. I've added 8 and the answer is 19. What number was I thinking of? Explain how you know.
  • I know that 7 and 3 is 10. How can I find 8 + 3? How could you work it out?
  • Using the numbers 2,3,4,5,6 make a number greater than 50, make a number less than 30. Use two of the digit cards to make an odd/even number. Use two of the digit cards to make a number between 47 and 59. What is the smallest 2-digit number you can make? What is the largest 2-digit number you can make? Explain your reasoning.


Pick 3 activities to do over the holidays and head over to our Easter English blog to tell us more!


The goal in this reading challenge is for you to read and review at least 9 books. In order for you to do this, daily check your rapid readers and listen and/or free Amazon Audible books.

Rapid readers:

Free Amazon Audible

Remember to head over to our Reading challenge blog and tell us more about the book you have read for example;

- What do you like/dislike about this book. If so why?

- Who is your favourite character, why?

- Can you sequence the main events?

- Where is the setting?

- What kinds of emotions are the characters feeling, why?

- Did you enjoy this book? Why?


Purple Mash

Be sure to check your 2do's on Purple mash as you have lots of activities such as a minibeast quiz, Minibeast captions, painting their own minibeast, writing an poem about Easter and
Easter egg painting.

finaly, we hope you have lots of fun. Remember to cherish and enjoy each day with those close to you! Keep us updated throughout your holidays by writing on the blog. 

Year 1 Teachers 

Welcome to Year 1